Land Use

Land use has a significant impact on village and town life, agricultural productivity, eco-system assets and the economic future of many countries, regions and hundreds of millions of people.

For simplicity, we divide land use into two groups, agriculture and forestry.  Each is a significant focus of governments, international donors, project developers and the investment community.
Agriculture is the basis of many economies.  Developing sustainable crops, raising animals and fisheries, and supporting the dietary and economic needs of local communities are important for sustaining day-to-day life, economic activity and economic growth.  This growth however must be in harmony with environmental and ecological needs.
Proper forest management is also critical for the management of ecosystem resources and the building of so-called green-energy resources.
Today, with an increased emphasis on biofuels and the proper management of agriculture, animal waste, and forestry reserves, more and more energy development is focused on these renewable sources of energy.
The green-energy portals are developing specific sections of each country-specific portal that will highlight those agricultural and forestry issues of relevance to green-energy.
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