The National Assembly of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Народно събрание, Narodno sabranie) is the unicameral parliament and body of the legislative of the Republic of Bulgaria.  All members of the body elect the Chairman, Vice President, the National Assembly, and committees. The Assembly is responsible for enactment of laws, approval of the budget, scheduling of presidential elections, selection and dismissal of the Prime Minister and other ministers etc. The Assembly administers the publication of the State Gazette, Bulgaria's gazette of record, laws, declarations, Resolutions and etc.

The laws, which regulate relationships in the sphere of energy efficiency and renewable energy (documents available in Bulgarian language only):

  1. Energy Act from 23rd February 2010 for state policy to increase the energy efficiency in final energy consumption and the provision of energy services, SG issue 15.
  2. Energy from Renewable Sources Act, Publ. - SG, issue 35 dated 03.05.2011 ,effective as of 03.05.2011 ,
  3. Energy Act, issue 47 dated 21..06.2011 effective as of 21.06.2011,

Decisions, Laws, and regulations of the Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria (documents available in Bulgarian language only):

  1. Ordinance № 14 of 15 June, 2005y. for technical regulations and standards for design, construction and use of sites and facilities for production, transformation, transmission and distribution of electricity (promulgated, SG 53 of 2005 amended No73)
  2. Regulation for the issuance of building energy passport, Annex to Article 8, para. 7 (Amended, SG. 22 of 2010), , Annex:
  3. Statement to the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works on the issuance of energy passports for buildings,
  4. Ordinance № 7 dated 15 December 2004 on energy efficiency, heat and energy saving in buildings (Title amends.SG. 85 of 2009) (promulgated, SG. 5 2005, as amended. and supplemented. No. 85 of 2009, amended. No. 88 and 92 of 2009, as amended, and supplemented. No. 2 of 2010) 
  5. Safe Use of Nuclear Energy Act,
  6. Ordinance № RD 16-267 dated 19 March 2008, to determine the amount of electricity generated by combined heat and power, 
  7. Ordinance 16-334 dated 6 April 2007 for heat supply,
  8. Ordinance № 15 dated 28.07.2005 on the technical rules and standards for design, construction and operation of facilities and installations for generation, transmission and distribution of heat energy,
  9. Rules for Safety and Health at Work in electrical installations of electric and heat power plants and electrical networks,
  10. Directive on the efficiency in final energy consumption and repealing Council Directive 93/76/EEC,
  11. 2010/31/EO Directive of the European Parliament and the Council of 19 May 2010,
  12. Directive to promote the use of renewable energy sources and amending and subsequently repealing Directives 2001/77/EC and 2003/30/EC ,
  13. Directive 2003/30/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 8 May 2003 on promoting the use of biofuels and other renewable fuels for transport,
  14. Directive 2001/77/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 September 2001 on the promotion of production and consumption of electricity from renewable energy sources in the internal electricity market,

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Links to documents on tariffs, regulations and decisions of the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission for "green" energy (available in Bulgarian language only):